.... the most common misconception is that the individual must be unconscious, and I argue that nothing could be further from the truth. Even in the deepest trance, an individual can hear the therapist and is so aware of what is going on that he may deny ever being hypnotized. I further state that a hypnotizable client is never weak-willed, that most functional people can be hypnotized, and that hypnosis is a relatively easy science and technique to master, when the proper, experienced, and cautious educator is chosen as teacher of this avenue to the subconscious dimension.
Hypnotic  induction is not a standardized process that can be applied in the same way to everyone. There is no method or technique that always works with everyone or even with the same person on different occasions. Because of this we speak of approaches to hypnotic trance experience. Authorities in the field  emphasize that we have many means of facilitating, guiding, or teaching how one might be led to experience the state of receptivity that we call therapeutic trance. However, we have no universal method for effecting the same uniform trance state in everyone. Most people with conditions or problems can be guided to experience their own unique variety of hypnotic trance when they understand that it may be useful. The art of the hypnotherapist is in helping subjects to reach an understanding that will help them give up some of the limitations of their common everyday world view.